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Abhishek Maji is a self taught visual storyteller based in Bangalore, India. His genre of work includes: fiction, music videos, commercials, documentaries, travel and corporate films.

An award winning filmmaker and photographer who specializes in scripting, production, filming, editing and post production.

He has a passion for narrative storytelling and often experiments with creative ideas. Whether managing a high end project or commission based work from clients, he approaches his job with utmost enthusiasm and commitment.

He knows his ways to capture a beautiful frame and makes sure to present an engaging story that sets his films a cut above the rest. He's available to work anywhere in India and abroad. 


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  • Working as a freelance Independent Filmmaker since last year for promoting Artists, Music Bands, Start Ups & NGOs through videos. 
  • Former cinematographer & editor at Paper Weight Entertainment, a media production house with a social and travel perception. 
  • Managed high end projects working as a production assistant and collaborated with talents of several departments to create visually engaging content. 
  • Worked with Planetary Catalysts Innovators working in the field of technology to bring societal transformation through videos.
  • Worked as a graphic designer to create content material for marketing brands.